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Do You Think These Homes Are The Sweetest Homes in Dallas-Fort Worth?

For the week following Valentine’s Day, the editors featured one home each day that they consider to be one of the Sweetest Homes in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Southlake, Highland Park, Junius Heights, Munger Place, Addison, Kessler Park, and Lakewood — what do all of these towns and neighborhoods have in common?

For the staff here at, we can tell you that these are all places you can find some really sweet homes.

This year’s run of The Sweetest Homes in Dallas Fort-Worth was eye-opening, to say the least. When we launched our campaign to find the best of the best of North Texas’ 2021 real estate market, we weren’t expecting our readers to fire back nominations faster than buyers submitting offers. We received a great number of nominations form Dallas-Fort Worth’s leading luxury brokerages, which set the overall tone for our list this year.

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