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The Perry-Miller Streiff Group Dishes on The New Real Estate Market

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Shown from left: Charles Gregory, Karen Fry, Laura Michelle, Ryan Streiff, Courtney Jubinsky, Jason Bates, Jamie Kohlmann and Lance Hancock. Not pictured: Dave Perry-Miller

We’ve become accustomed to a crazy real estate situation. For two years, it was almost as if you could mumble about selling in your sleep, and there would be a line of people outside the door at sunrise. When you can’t leave your house, much less go on a vacation, real estate is the one thing you can do. You can buy, sell, trade up, or downsize. That’s what seemingly everyone did. Thankfully, the pandemic has waned, and we are back to an almost normal market.

However, things have changed, so it’s more important than ever to work with experienced agents. We turned to Ryan Streiff and the Perry-Miller Streiff Group for answers. They assured us the real estate sky was not falling.

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