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This Top Dallas-Based Real Estate Group is Trending

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Shown from left: Charles Gregory, Karen Fry, Laura Michelle, Ryan Streiff, Courtney Jubinsky, Jason Bates, Jamie Kohlmann and Lance Hancock. Not pictured: Dave Perry-Miller

RealTrends, the gold standard for agents around the country, has spoken and we like what they are saying. The Perry-Miller Streiff Group is officially ranked No. 1 in the medium team market in Dallas and takes the No. 2 spot in all of Texas. The Perry-Miller Streiff Group was also ranked the No.27 medium market team in the country.

“What makes us so effective is our size,” lead agent Ryan Streiff said. “Anyone can be available for showings at any time. Each agent is experienced and knowledgeable enough to really understand the home and the neighborhood for the client. There’s no need to circle back with answers to client questions — they know the answers on the spot.”

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