There’s a recurring theme in Jamie Kohlmann’s life, and it’s one of helping others. From her year serving as Miss Texas 2004, to her season as an education policy analyst in Austin, to her nine years in non-profit management, development and consulting, Jamie has impacted countless lives with her work.

Of course, this bodes well for her real estate clients. The Bedford native says her father always told her “the most important thing is to do what you love.” When she and her husband Ben discovered they had a knack for running successful investment properties, including the highest-grossing one-bedroom Airbnb condo in Austin, it crossed her mind that real estate was what she loved. And she made the choice to pursue it full time.

Jamie graduated from Rice University with a degree in Mathematical Economic Analysis, which comes in handy when providing clients with objective, fact-based numbers for their home sale or purchase. She has also lived in Hawaii, California, and Virginia, so she can offer her empathy and experiences with being a transplant.

When Jamie is not busy helping clients meet their financial and investment objectives, she enjoys being with her two sons, cooking for family and friends, attending Park Cities Presbyterian, traveling and serving on the board of BraveLove. She’s also game for providing piano accompaniment should an impromptu Hamilton singalong break out.