John Huffman

"Your comprehensive understanding and insight of the market at large is exactly the edge anyone could ask for in an up or down market. I would strongly recommend that anyone considering buying or selling a home, contact the best team in Dallas."

Lucy Billingsley

"From your in-depth analysis to being ready to meet us anytime for a showing, never pressing us but always being ready with thoughtful market insights, and finally to delivering the house of our dreams at the right price -- great job!"

Past Seller

"Personal neighborhood knowledge, market timing guidance and insights, staging advice, and hands-on involvement with an understanding of our goals in selling our home helped us achieve a quick transaction at a price over list. We loved the outcome, enjoyed the experience, and highly recommend the team."

Kelly Welsch

"Professional, good communicators, collaborative, and delightful to work with. They think of every aspect that will give their listings an advantage over the competition and understand that every little detail is important in the current real estate market. As a team, you can’t beat them!!"

Deron Williams

"The listing and sale of our home were handled with the utmost professionalism and care. Your diligence and knowledge are far above industry standard and we were pleased with your tactics and advice."

Nancy Hamon

"You have handled this complicated sale with efficiency and velvet gloves. Margot Perot was so right when she recommended you to me."